What to do when the excavator windshield fogs?


The temperature difference between the cab and the outside of the excavator is very large in winter. which will cause the windshield to fog up and affects the safety of the excavator operator. We should take correct anti-fog measures to ensure the safety of the operator. What do we do when it happens?


1. Use anti fogging agent

Spray the anti fogging agent on the windshield. After a short wait, wipe the anti fogging agent with a clean and soft towel. While polishing the glass, a thin and transparent protective film is formed on the glass, which can effectively prevent the fog layer formed by condensation of water vapor on the glass, especially in winter.


2.Use air conditioning heating system to remove fog

Excavator window fogging is often in the cold or humid season, in these weather conditions, usually because of the high temperature and humidity of the air exhaled after entering the car. Use warm air and external circulation mode to blow hot air on the glass to reduce indoor humidity, which can effectively prevent the front windshield from fogging. But the glass on the back and sides heats up slowly, so it takes longer to remove all the fog.


3. Remove fog by dehumidification

Glass fogging does not only occur in winter, but also occurs in summer when there is more rain. In fact, the main reason for the fogging of the excavator glass is due to the difference in temperature and humidity inside and outside the cab. The humidity is high during rainy weather in summer. When people are in the cab of the excavator, the humidity and temperature in the cab will increase, resulting in fogging inside or outside the windshield. The air conditioner has a certain dehumidification effect, but try not to use the cooling mode to blow the front windshield for a long time in summer rainy weather. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass will increase and make it foggy. If necessary, open the windows or use external circulation to dry the air.


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Post time: Dec-16-2022