About Us

Company Profile

Established in 2005, Gookma Technology Industry Company Limited is a hi-tech enterprise specializes in development and manufacturing of small agricultural machinery and small constructional machinery.

Gookma production base takes a land area of more than 60000m2, it locates at the riverside industrial zone where has very nice environment, enjoying great support and various preferential policies offers by the local government, hence manufacturing costs can be reduced while product quality is ensured, and therefore makes a good price performance ratio for the product.

Aim of Gookma is "Better Price Among Same Machines; Better Machine Among Same Prices".


The company is located in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi province in south China. Nanning is a very nice city with good geographical position, it’s near the seaport, and has many flights directly connect with domestic cities and neighbouring countries, it’s very convenient for domestic and international business.

Corporate Philosophy


Customer Supreme, Quality First

The company upholds the principle of "Customer Supreme, Quality First", carries on the theory of precision enterprise management.


Innovative Enterprise

Gookma is an innovating enterprise.


Team Strength

The company has a researching technical team and a stable and skillful worker team, to ensure technically progressiveness and high reliability of the product.

Gookma Products

Aim of Gookma is "Better Price Among Same Machines; Better Machine Among Same Prices".

Gookma construction machinery includes small rotary drilling rig, small horizontal directional drill and small and medium hydraulic excavator.

Gookma rotary drilling rig has five models, max drilling depth is separately 12m, 16m, 21m, 26m and 32m, drilling diameter is 1m to 1.2m, widely meet the requirements for small piling project, very suitable for small construction project in narrow and low spaces and rural areas.

Gookma HDD includes two models, pullback force is 330Kn and 390Kn, max drilling distance is 300m and 400m. Gookma HDD is of simple structure, durable and reliable, it has a special anti-heat design to ensure the machine free from overheating, specially suitable for working in hot areas.

Gookma excavator ranges from 1 ton to 22 ton, widely suitable for various construction project such as municipal project, farm construction, garden maintenance, highway and building constructions etc.

Gookma small agricultural machinery includes crawler tractor, power tiller, half-feeding rice combine harvester and combine rice hulling and milling machine. Gookma rice harvester keeps straws, Gookma rice mill makes brown rice and white rice in one machine, both machines are very suitable for family use and for small business purposes.

Gookma machine is the ideal choice of customer!

Gookma machine is of novel design with nice overall looking, stable quality, reliable performance, durable for operation, it has been enjoying high reputation in the market for many years.