What Are the Main Components of a Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig?

Horizontal directional drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery that lays a variety of underground public facilities (pipelines, cables, etc.) under the condition of trenchless surface. It is widely used in water supply, electricity, telecommunications, gas, oil and other flexible pipeline laying construction, it is suitable for sand, clay, and other ground conditions.


Horizontal directional drilling machine is mainly composed of drilling system, power system, direction control system, mud system, drilling tools and auxiliary tools.

Drilling system:

Drilling system the main body of crossing equipment drilling operation and pull back operation. It consists of the main machine of the drilling rig, rotary table, etc. The main machine of the drilling rig is placed on the drilling rig to complete the drilling operation and pull back operation. The rotary table is installed at the front end of the main machine of the drilling rig to connect the drill pipe, and the requirements of different operating conditions are met by changing the rotary table steering and output speed and torque.


Power system

The power source composed of hydraulic power source and generator is to provide high-pressure hydraulic oil for the drilling system as the power of the drilling rig, and the generator provides power for the supporting electrical equipment and construction site lighting.


Direction control system:

The direction control system is a directional tool that guides the drill bit to drill correctly by monitoring and controlling the specific position and other parameters of the drill bit in the ground through the computer. Due to the control of the system, the drill bit can be drilled according to the design curve. There are two types of direction control systems: portable wireless and wired.


Mud system:

Mud system is composed of mud mixing tank and mud pump, mud pipeline,which provides mud for drilling machines that is suitable for drilling.


Drilling tools and auxiliary tools:

Drilling tools mainly include drill pipe, drill bit, mud motor, reamer, cutter and other tools suitable for various geological conditions. Auxiliary tools include clamps, rotary joints and draggers of various pipe diameters.


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Post time: Dec-09-2022