Rotary Drilling Rig Operation Skills

1. When using the rotary drilling rig, the holes and surrounding stones and other obstacles should be removed according to the requirements of the machine manual.

2. The working site should be within 200m from the power transformer or the main power supply line, and the voltage at startup should not exceed 10% of the rated voltage.

3. The motor and control box should have a good grounding device.

4. before installation, check and confirm no deformation of drill pipe and parts; After installation, the centerline of the drill pipe and power head is allowed to deviate 1% of the full length.

5. After installation, the frequency of the power supply and the pointer on the frequency conversion switch in the control box should be the same. If not, use the frequency conversion switch to convert it.

6. The drilling rig should be placed smoothly and firmly, and the tappet should be adjusted by automatic fine adjustment or line hammer to keep it vertical.

7. Before starting, the operating lever should be placed in neutral position. After starting, should be empty running test, check instrument, temperature, sound, brake and other work normal before operation.

8. When drilling, the drill pipe should be lowered slowly first, so that the drill bit is aligned with the hole position, and the drill can be drilled when the pointer of the ammeter is biased to the no-load state. During the drilling process, when the ammeter exceeds the rated current, the drilling speed should be slowed down.

9. When the drill is stuck in the drilling, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the drilling should be stopped. Do not force start until the cause is identified.

10. During operation, when it is necessary to change the rotation direction of the drill pipe, it should be carried out after the drill pipe is completely stopped.

11. When the power is cut off, the controllers should be placed in the zero position, the power supply should be cut off, and all the drill pipes should be pulled out from the hole in time to make the drill bit touch the ground.

12. When the drilling rig is running, the cable should be prevented from being entangled in the drill pipe, and a professional must take care of it.

13. When drilling, it is strictly forbidden to remove the soil on the screw by hand. When it is found that the drumming screw is loose, it should be stopped immediately, and the operation can be continued after it is tightened.

14. After the operation, lift the drill pipe and the drill bit to the outside of the hole, first remove the soil on the drill pipe and the screw blade, press the drill bit to contact the ground, brake all parts, put the joystick in the neutral position, and cut off the power .

15. When the wear of the drill bit reaches 20mm, it should be replaced.

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