How to Prevent Excavator Spontaneous Combustion in Summer

There are many spontaneous combustion accidents of excavators all over the world every summer, which not only brings property losses, but also may even cause casualties!



What caused the accidents?

1. The excavator is old and easy to catch fire. The parts of the excavator are aging and in disrepair for a long time, especially the circuit wires, which are heavily oily and will cause danger if they are not careful. The excavator caught fire due to circuit damage and short circuit. Most of the excavator spontaneous combustion accidents were caused by the damage to the excavator circuit. To reduce accidents, operators must check electrical circuits frequently, and be sure to use fuses as prescribed, and to maintain and replace damaged circuits regularly.

2. The hydraulic pipe burst caused the fire. In the process of excavator operation, some actions are blocked in the process of execution, the pressure of the hydraulic pipe increases, and the oil return system of the excavator can not return oil in time, so it is easy to cause a sudden increase in pipeline pressure, and the explosion of the pipe leads to the spraying of hydraulic oil into the exhaust pipe, causing a fire.


How to avoid accidents?

1. Good personal habits of operators. Don’t smoke in the cab, and don’t stack things in the cab. According to the investigation, many spontaneous combustion accidents of excavators are caused by flames in the cab. In addition, the cab must not store sundries and tools, which is a very big fire hazard.

2. The cab must be equipped with a fire extinguisher; when the excavator is on fire, use the fire extinguisher in time to avoid abnormal spontaneous combustion accidents.

3. Clean up the engine system in time to ensure that the inside and outside of the engine are clean.

4. When the circuit and oil circuit are on fire, do not use water to extinguish the fire, which may backfire. At this time, if there is no fire extinguisher, it may be better to use sand, and it is best to have professional fire extinguishing equipment.


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