How to Maintain Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig in Summer?

Regular maintenance of drilling rigs in summer can reduce machine failure and maintenance costs, improve work efficiency and economic benefits. So what aspects should we start to maintain?





General requirements for drilling rig maintenance

Keep the horizontal directional drilling rig clean. After each project is completed, the horizontal directional drilling rig and drilling tools should be thoroughly cleaned to remove mud, dirt, grease and other debris, which can reduce the rust on the surface of the drilling rig and facilitate the inspection of various components


Maintenance and lubrication of main components

Cooling system maintenance

High temperature in summer can easily lead to high engine water temperature
Protection tips:
1. Keep the coolant in the cooling tank and radiator at the proper level;
2. Confirm that the radiator cover is in good working condition, and if necessary, replace the radiator cover;
3. Clean the sundries on the radiator and engine every day;
4. Confirm that the fan belt is in good working condition and replace it if necessary.

Filter maintenance
The function of the filter element is to filter impurities in the oil circuit or gas circuit, preventing impurities from invading the system and causing failure; use pure filter elements that meet the requirements of the machine; various filter elements should be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the operation and maintenance manual. When replacing the filter element, it should be checked. Whether there is metal attached to the old filter element, if metal particles are found, improvement measures should be taken in time.

Mud system maintenance
Due to the long-term entry of mud in the rotary joint for mud, it is easy for mud and sand to enter the relevant seals or bearings, and damage the relevant seals and bearings. Therefore, the rotary joint should be disassembled and washed every two weeks. The mud pump is placed on the outside of the hood as a whole. It is necessary to protect the seals. Regularly clean the mud on the surface of the mud pump, check whether the gear oil in the gearbox is emulsified, and replace it regularly. The mud pump and the mud in the pipeline need to be removed for long-term shutdown.

Lubrication / inspection of various oils
1. It is hot and rainy in summer, so it is necessary to carry out the lubrication and maintenance of key components on time to avoid insufficient lubrication;
2. Pay attention to rain protection to prevent electrical system, engine system and hydraulic system failure caused by prolonged rain;
3. Check the hydraulic oil and gear oil before starting the machine to avoid the problem of oil emulsification caused by rainwater backflow.


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