How to avoid track derailment of rotary drilling rig?

1. When walking on the construction site, try to place the traveling motor behind the traveling to reduce the extrusion on the carrier chain wheel.


2. The continuous running of the machine shall not exceed 2 hours, and the running time on the construction site shall be reduced as much as possible. If necessary, the machine shall stop for a short time before running.


3. Avoid protruding hard objects when walking, so as not to cause stress sets on the rail chain.


4. Check the tightness of the track. Adjust the track tightly in soft places such as soil. When walking on rocks, adjust the track loosely. Too loose or too tight track is not good. Too loose track will lead to easy derailment of track, and too tight track will lead to too fast wear of chain sleeve.


5. Frequently check whether there are stones and other foreign matters involved in the track, and if so, clean them in time.


6. When working on a muddy construction site, it is necessary to frequently idle to remove the mud deposited in the track.


7. Regularly check the rail guard and the rail guard welded under the guide wheel.


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Post time: Jan-16-2023