Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig:What Are the Benefits?





  • No obstruction to traffic, no damage to green space, vegetation and buildings, no impact on the normal life of residents.
  • Modern crossing equipment, high crossing accuracy,easy to adjust the laying direction and burial depth.
  • The buried depth of the urban pipe network is generally up to 3 meters below, and when crossing the river, the general buried depth is 9-18 meters below the riverbed.
  • No operation above or under water,which will not affect the navigation of the river, and will not damage the dams and riverbed structures on both sides of the river.
  • Quick access to the site, the construction site can be adjusted flexibly.



  • Before the horizontal directional drilling rig works, check the self-stability of the stratum crossing to prevent ground subsidence caused by hole-forming diversion.
  • Check the compactness of the stratum soil and select the appropriate mud pressure to prevent mud leakage.
  •  Dispose of waste mud to avoid environmental pollution.
  • When the horizontal directional drilling rig is working, if it needs to cross an important river dam, be careful to prevent the adverse impact of mud on the dam.
  • If it works in the area where the rock stratum changes greatly, it is necessary to adopt different drilling speeds for different soft and hard rock strata to prevent the rise and fall of the borehole and form staggered platform holes.


Application area and advantages:

Trenchless construction technology is widely used in trenchless laying of urban underground water supply and drainage pipelines, natural gas and oil pipelines, communication cables and other pipelines. It can cross roads, railways, Bridges, mountains, rivers, straits and any buildings on the ground. Using this technology in construction can save a large amount of land expropriation and demolition costs, reduce environmental pollution and road blockage, and has significant economic and social benefits.

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Post time: Nov-21-2022