Eight Construction Tips for Rotary Drilling Rigs


1. Due to the heavy weight of the rotary drilling rig equipment, the construction site must be flat, spacious, and have a certain hardness to avoid the equipment sinking.
2. Check whether the drill tool has worn side teeth during construction. If the drill is not closed, repair it in time.
3. In the first grouting, inject the mud vertically into the center of the pile hole to prevent the mud from rushing out of the bottom along the casing wall and loosen the soil at the bottom of the casing.
4. Due to the deep drilling of the clay layer, it is easy to cause necking. When drilling, the drilling depth should be strictly checked.
5. According to different geological conditions, the mud management should be strengthened in the construction process to strictly ensure the mud quality and the support of the mud wall.
6. For formations with particle size less than 100mm, traditional drilling buckets can be used for soil drilling. When drilling, pay attention to drilling and unloading the soil after the bucket is full;When the drilling is soft, a smaller cutting angle should be used.For wedge-tooth drills, a bevel-tooth drill with a larger cutting angle should be used to drill hard formations;When the local layer contains large pebbles with a diameter of 100mm~200mm, a single bottom blade with a large opening should be drilled, or crushed with a drill before drilling;When using boulders with a diameter of more than 200mm or using larger probes on the hole wall, a cylindrical stone drill or annular drilling should be used, first cut the cone from the hole wall and then take it out.
7. When encountering a hard soil, in order to speed up the drilling speed, you can drill a small hole before drilling.
8. In order to prevent the hole from being inclined and over-digging, align the hole position when drilling, and it is best to unload the soil on site.

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