GT702 Crawler Tractor

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Gookma GT702 Multifunctional Agricultural Rubber Crawler Tractor is a high tech product with independent intellectual property. The tractor has obtained many technical patents. Its operating principle and structural formation are ingenious. It has many advantages in the lightness, flexibility and cost performance, it is the agricultural tractor that most suitable for farm cultivating.

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GT702 Crawler Tractor


Size  Length*Width*Height (mm) (in) 3690*1500*2400  (145*59*95) 
Weight                                         kg (lb) 2250 (4960) 
Ground clearance                                      mm (in) 440  (17) 
Engine  Type Diesel, water cooled, four stroke, Electrical start 
Rated power(kw) 51.5 / 2400rpm 
Steering system   Planetary differential steering 
Braking system   Wet friction braking 
Transmission system   Clutch type Monolithic single-acting  
Gear box type 8 forward speed +                                                                         8 reverse speed 
Gear box shifting mode Manual 
Walking system       Rack form Rigid frame 
Track    number*pitch*width  (mm) (in) 51*90*350  (51*3.55*13.8) 
Designed speed                                                                       (km/h )(ft/h) forward / backward Low   High
First gear 1.22  (48) 5.5  (217)
Second gear 1.8   (71)) 8.08  (318)
Third gear 2.92  (115) 13.13  (517)
Forth gear 3.84  (151) 17.25  (680)
Working Device Tillage depth control mode Force position control 
  Power output shaft form Detached  
  Power output shaft speed    (rpm) 720 
  PTO shaft spline diameter   (mm) (in) 8*38 (8*1.50) 

 Agile mobility

 360 degree pivot steering


 High working efficiency

New Design


GT702 Rubber Crawler Tractor

Features and Advantages

1.The GT702 crawler tractor adopts double power flow fluid control differential steering  

system, it can make pivot steering for 360 degree.

2.Adopts mechanical transmission,high transmission efficiency,low fuel consumption,specially suitable for rotary cultivation and plain working in big field.


3.Steering wheel control, it’s accurate,comfortable and flexible. 


4.Small grounding pressure, high ground clearance, good passing ability, realizes a
protection cultivation.

5.Compact structure, low barycentre, good safety performance.

6.It’s convenient in operating, it may be operated by both male and female easily. It’s small size, light weight,easy in travel control, flexible in turning. It’s simple in disassembling and
convenient for maintenance.

7.The tractor is of multifunctional, different job can be made by replacing the working devices, such as cultivating, leveling, ridging, ditching, mowing, bulldozing, planting, earthing, holing, fertilizing, transporting, water pumping, loading, digging, spraying etc.



Gookma GT702 rubber crawler tractor suitable for working in both small field and big field, dry field and water field, can be operated by male and female, it is suitable for both family use and for small business purpose, it has been selling well and very popular in both domestic and overseas market, and has been enjoying high reputation among customers.


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