GE10 Hydraulic Excavator

Short Description:

Gookma Crawler Hydraulic Excavator is a multifunctional construction machinery, it can be used in many construction projects such as municipal projects society renovation, highway and garden construction, river cleaning, trees planting etc. Gookma excavator including more than 10 models from 1 ton to 22 ton, widely meets all kinds of requirements of small and medium construction projects.      

Gookma GE10 multifunctional mini hydraulic excavator is a popular model in the market.

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Name Mini Hydraulic Excavator
Model GE10
Engine Changchai 192F / Koop 192
Power 8.8kw / 12hp
Chassis width 930mm (36.6in)
Crawler height 320mm (12.6in )
Crawler width 180mm (7.1in)
Crawler length 1200mm (47.3in)
Control mode Mechanical
Hydraulic pump Gear pump
Boom swing function No
Working device mode Backhoe
Bucket capacity 0.025m³ (0.883ft ³)
Digging depth 1600mm (63in)
Digging height 2490mm (98in)
Bulldozer lifting height 200mm (7.88in)
Slewing radius 1190mm (46.9in)
Traveling speed 0-4km/h
Climbing ability 30%
Weight          980kg (2162lb)
Dimension   (L*W*H) 2650*770*1330mm                                                                                                                  (104.41*30.34*52.40in)


 Small and Flexible

 Weight 1Ton (2200lb)

 Digging Depth 1600mm (63in)

 Suitable for Work in Garden and Greenhouse


GE10 Mini Hydraulic Excavator

Features and Advantages:

1.The GE10 mini hydraulic excavator equips with famous brand hydraulic system, the performance is stable and reliable.

2.Humanization design, the operation handles
are concentrated, the machine is of easy operation.


3.Equips with famous brand engine,

high reliability, high working efficiency,

low fuel consumption, meets requirements

of environment protection.

Small size, agile mobility, suitable for

working in narrow and low places, such as

fruit garden, greenhouse, indoor spaces etc.


5.Multifunctional, it can change with different
working attachment quickly through the
quick coupler, to make various works by one machine.



Gookma GE10 multifunctional rubber crawler mini hydraulic excavator is of wide applicability, it’s widely used in many construction projects, such as municipal, highway, railway, irrigation, river, bridge, power supply and communication construction etc., and has been enjoying high reputation among customers because of it’s reliable performance.

Multi Functions for Multi Purposes


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