GD39 Horizontal Directional Drill

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine (HDD) is a no-dig construction machinery for laying various underground public facilities such as pipes and cables. HDD has been developing very fast in the past 20 years, it’s an important machinery for crossing project construction.

Gookma Horizontal Directional Drill is developed according to market demand. Gookma focuses on small and medium size HDD, it includes different models, max drilling distance are from 300m to 500m, max drilling diameter from 900mm to 1100mm, widely meets various requirements of small and medium no dig projects.      

Gookma GD39 HDD is the most popular machine in the market.

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Name Horizontal Directional Drill
Model GD39
Engine Cummins 153KW
Push and pull drive type Rack and pinion
Max pull back force 390KN
Max push and pull speed 10s
Max torque 16500N.m
Max reaming diameter 1100mm  (43.34in)
Standard configuration of reamer φ300-φ900mm (φ11.82-φ35.46in)
Max working distance 400m (1312ft)
Drill rod  φ83*3000mm ( φ3.27*118.2in)
Standard configuration of drill rod 100 pcs
Mud pump displacement 450L/m
Walking drive type Steel lock rubber block crawler self-propelling 
Walking speed Double speed
Rod changing type Semi-automatic
Anchor 3 pieces 
Max grading ability 20°
Overall dimensions (L*W**H) 6800*2250**2350mm (267.92*88.65*92.59in)
Machine weight 10800kg (23810lb)

 Rack & Pinion System

 Over-heating Proof

 Cummins Engine

 39T Pullback Force

 Drilling Distance 400m (1312ft)

 Drilling Diameter 1.1m (3.6ft)


GD39 Horizontal Directional Drill

Features and Advantages:

Gookma horizontal directional drilling machine is professional Integrated designed with many technical advantages, makes the machine of stable performance and high efficiency.

1.The machine is of integrated design,

with a novel overall looking.

2.Rack and pinion system,

humanization design,

easy for operation and maintenance.


3.Equips with Cummins engine, strong power,

low fuel consumption, stable and durable.


4. The hydraulic and electrical parts are of simplified design, make it simple structure, convenient in maintenance and repairing. The machine without any solenoid valve, the operator can repair the machine himself even without experience.

5.The machine equips with 9 Eaton motors

of same model and same mounting

dimensions, 4 for pushing and pulling, 4 for

power head rotating and 1 for pipe changing.

All motors are interchangeable, avoid wasting

time to wait for new motor for replacing in case of

damage of any motor.


6.Big torque, fast pushing and pulling speed, high working efficiency.

7.Strengthening design of chassis and main arm, working life more than 15 years.

8. Humanization design, simple in operation, easy to control the machine.  

9.Famous branded main components,

ensure stability and reliability of the machine.


10.Special anti-heat design, makes the machine free from overheating, it is specially suitable for working under high temperature conditions.

11. Compact design, small size, agile mobility, can be shipped in a 40’ container.


Gookma horizontal directional drilling machine is widely applied in many no-digging pipes and cables crossing construction projects, such as highway, railway, irrigation, river, bridge, power supply and communication construction etc., and has been enjoying high reputation among customers because of its reliable performance and good price ratio.


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