Why the Crawler Chain of the Rotary Drilling Rig Falls Off?



Due to the harsh working environment of the rotary drilling rig, mud or stones entering the crawler will cause the chain to break.If the crawler chain of the machine falls off frequently, it is necessary to find out the cause, otherwise it can easily cause accidents.


In fact, there are many reasons for the chain of the drill to fall off. In addition to impurities such as mud or stones in the track that will cause the drilling rig to fall off the chain, the failure of the traveling gear ring, the chain release sprocket, the chain protector and other places will cause the chain to fall off, and improper operation will also lead to this situation.


1. The failure of the tensioning cylinder causes the chain to fall off

Check whether the tensioning cylinder forgot to apply grease or there is oil leakage.

 2. The chain falls off due to severe track wear

If it is used for a long time, the track must be worn sometimes, and the wear of chain bars, chain barrels and other components on the track will also cause the track to disengage.

 3. The chain falls off due to wear of chain guard

Almost all drill tracks have chain guards, which play a very important role in preventing chain tripping, so it is also important to check whether the chain guards are worn.

 4. The chain falls off due to the wear of the drive motor gear ring

For the drive motor gear ring, if it is seriously worn, we need to replace it, which is also an important reason for the drill chain off.

 5. The chain falls off due to the damage of carrier roller

Usually, oil leakage of carrier roller oil seal will lead to severe wear of carrier roller, which will lead to the derailment of track.

 6. The chain falls off due to the damage of the guide wheel

When checking the guide wheel, check whether the screws above the guide wheel are missing, whether they are broken, and whether the slot that holds the guide wheel is deformed.


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Post time: Jan-05-2023